Testing Testing 123

Plensu · June 28, 2021

Testing Testing 123

Is this thing even on?

I am just testing this out. I’ve not used much markdown, so I don’t know too much. Here is me playing around with it. We’ll see what happens.

import 1337hax

plensu = 1337hax.client()

if plensu != sweethax:

#This doesn't have to make sense, and it doesn't. 

Something something coolStoryBro something something.

Tables Can Be Cool
But So Can You
Or Are You ?

You Miss 100% of the shots you don’t take -M. Scott

This is a link to google

Well this was fun. I am going to write a post later I think about some recon stuff I’ve taped together in python.

Don’t drown friends, Plensu

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